A Look at the Lineup Changes That Could Await the Bruins

The Boston Bruins, a team with a storied history in the NHL, are entering a new season with a mix of excitement and uncertainty. While their recent performances have kept them at the top of the league, the offseason brought significant changes to the roster. As the Bruins prepare for Game 1 of the new season, let’s examine the potential lineup changes and what they could mean for the team’s success.

Offseason Changes and Impact

The Bruins had a busy offseason, with several notable departures and acquisitions that are likely to affect the team’s lineup. The loss of key players, especially veterans who played a central role in the Bruins’ success, is a significant challenge. Let’s take a look at some of the major changes and how they could influence the lineup in Game 1.


The Bruins saw several key players leave during the offseason. Notable departures include:

  • Patrice Bergeron: A true leader and one of the best two-way centers in the NHL, Bergeron’s retirement marked the end of an era for the Bruins. His presence on and off the ice will be sorely missed.
  • David Krejci: Another long-time Bruin, Krejci’s decision to return to Europe left a gap in the team’s offensive depth.
  • Taylor Hall: Traded to clear cap space, Hall’s departure reduces the Bruins’ scoring options on the wing.

These departures, especially those of Bergeron and Krejci, create significant holes in the Bruins’ forward lines and leadership core. The team’s challenge is to fill those gaps effectively.

Acquisitions and Internal Promotions

To address these departures, the Bruins made several moves during the offseason. Some notable acquisitions and promotions include:

  • Morgan Geekie: Acquired to add depth to the center position, Geekie could play a more significant role than initially expected due to Bergeron’s and Krejci’s departures.
  • James van Riemsdyk: Brought in to add experience and scoring ability on the wing, van Riemsdyk is expected to contribute to the Bruins’ offense.
  • Mason Lohrei: A promising young defenseman, Lohrei could see more playing time as the Bruins look to add youth and skill to their blue line.

Additionally, the Bruins will look to internal promotions to fill key roles. Players like Charlie McAvoy, Brad Marchand, and David Pastrnak are expected to take on more leadership responsibilities, while younger players such as Trent Frederic and Jake DeBrusk could see expanded roles.

Projected Lineup for Game 1

With the departures and new additions in mind, let’s project the Bruins’ lineup for Game 1 of the new season. Keep in mind that this is speculative and subject to change based on training camp performances and coaching decisions.

Forward Lines

  1. Brad Marchand – Pavel Zacha – David Pastrnak
    • Marchand and Pastrnak will continue to provide the scoring punch on the wings, with Zacha expected to step into the top-line center role. Zacha’s versatility and two-way play could be crucial in filling the void left by Bergeron.
  2. James van Riemsdyk – Charlie Coyle – Jake DeBrusk
    • Coyle moves into the second-line center role, with van Riemsdyk and DeBrusk providing additional scoring and physical presence. This line has the potential to be a strong offensive unit.
  3. Trent Frederic – Morgan Geekie – Taylor Hall
    • Geekie and Frederic bring a mix of grit and skill to the third line, with Hall providing scoring depth. This line could be a key factor in the Bruins’ success.
  4. A.J. Greer – Tomas Nosek – Nick Foligno
    • The fourth line is expected to bring energy and physicality. Foligno’s veteran presence and leadership will be valuable for the Bruins’ depth.

Defense Pairings

  1. Charlie McAvoy – Matt Grzelcyk
    • McAvoy is the Bruins’ top defenseman, and Grzelcyk’s mobility complements his style. This pairing will be expected to play significant minutes and provide stability on the blue line.
  2. Brandon Carlo – Hampus Lindholm
    • Carlo’s defensive prowess pairs well with Lindholm’s offensive skills. This duo will play a crucial role in the Bruins’ defense.
  3. Derek Forbort – Mason Lohrei
    • Forbort’s size and physicality are complemented by Lohrei’s skill and potential. This pairing could provide a mix of experience and youth.


  • Linus Ullmark
    • Ullmark is expected to be the Bruins’ starting goaltender for Game 1. He had a strong performance last season and will be a critical component of the team’s success.
  • Jeremy Swayman
    • Swayman will likely serve as the backup goaltender, but he could see significant playing time throughout the season. The Bruins have confidence in their goaltending duo.

Coaching and Leadership Changes

With the changes in the roster, the Bruins’ coaching staff will have to adapt their strategies. Coach Jim Montgomery will face the challenge of integrating new players and promoting internal talent. The loss of veteran leadership from players like Bergeron and Krejci puts additional pressure on the coaching staff to establish new leaders within the team.

Brad Marchand is expected to take on a more significant leadership role as the new team captain. Marchand’s experience and competitive spirit make him a natural fit for this position. However, it’s not just Marchand who will need to step up—players like Charlie McAvoy and David Pastrnak will also be expected to provide leadership and set the tone for the team.

Final Thoughts

The Bruins’ lineup for Game 1 will reflect the team’s efforts to navigate a challenging offseason. The departures of key players have created gaps in the roster, but the acquisitions and internal promotions offer opportunities for new talent to emerge. The Bruins’ success in the upcoming season will depend on how effectively they adapt to these changes and build chemistry among the new and returning players.

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